Social Login Research – A Quick Review


Social login, sign-in, sign-on — the ability for users to login to new sites using their existing social media profiles — offers some clear advantages to e-commerce players. Research (n = 61) carried out in mid-2010 on behalf of Gigya (a company providing social infrastructure technology to online businesses) indicated that both publishers and retailers […]

Why is Facebook going public? Because they couldn’t figure out the privacy settings either.

Facebook Joke

I first saw this joke on Facebook a few minutes ago. Here’s a glimpse of how it’s been spreading over time. I needed to create a post to check that my new RSS feed is working. Apparently (and thanks Charlie Southwell for pointing it out) they haven’t been working so well for a few months. […]

Gamification: Promise and Pitfalls

HighScore House!

The Promise We may be able to replicate the strong user engagement enjoyed by games (and social games) by adding game elements to a non-gaming business. This isn’t about companies creating advergames (of course that hasn’t prevented advergame developers from repackaging their services as sexy "gamification" products and muddying the waters.) Instead, businesses are learning […]