Pay more attention to your LinkedIn campaigns

LinkedIn Comment Hijack

When planning LinkedIn campaigns, do make sure that you allocate resources to moderate LinkedIn promoted posts; we all do it in the line of business for Facebook, and even for Twitter. LinkedIn is a valuable platform, but too often treated as an after thought by social media planners; if we’re going to commit budget, we need to do it better than Salesforce.

Facebook gets mobile. Advertisers fail to follow

39% of Kia's traffic comes from mobile (~5k to date.)

Kia Motors UK seems to have been putting a lot of money behind sponsored posts recently. Unfortunately, they haven’t really been paying attention to what happens to mobile users. It seems that someone forgot to mention that Page apps don’t work on mobile (yes, there are ways around this). This trifling mobile issue would be […]

What might a social media planner want from a media content partnership?

media partnership

Every so often we find ourselves negotiating the digital side of media partnerships and sponsorships as part of a larger deal. What is it that we want out of them? My rough thoughts and notes are below: I’d be grateful if you’d add your own ideas in the comments. Mobile first Requirement: Guaranteed performance on […]

Analytics & Attribution in the Multiscreenverse


notes for a panel at Admonsters Screens These are the notes I’ve made for a panel that I’m on today at the Admonsters Screens conference. There’s not really a flow here (I’m hoping that will emerge during the panel), but some of the links are good. Context People have never confined their activities neatly to […]

Twitter & TV: a few charts

England vs Argentina (RWC 2011): Twitter mentions of O2

It’s no secret that Twitter and TV are best friends. The company I work for has signed a deal with Bluefin Labs to take advantage of this, and in the UK, my (v. smart) colleague Scott Thompson has begun publishing selected results of our own research. Anyway — thanks to SMG partners like Sysomos, PeopleBrowsr, […]