How many people saw Land Rover Adventuregram on Instagram?


The Brooklyn Brothers recently released a frightfully clever campaign on Instagram as part of the launch of the new Land Rover Discovery. It takes the form of a Choose Your Own Adventure in which the player clicks tags on the photos to explore a rural and urban landscape. Each tag represents, of course, an Instagram […]

Median Impressions Per Tweet (and how to calculate them)


I’ve been hearing knowledgeable social media friends say that their relationship with Twitter is beginning to tail off; while they used to love the platform, they no longer feel they (or their clients) receive the value they used to. Part of this unease can no doubt simply be attributed to early adopter platform burn-out, another […]

The Thing About the Influencers


These are the slides and (highly idealised) script that went with them at my talk today at Digital Shoreditch. I’ve been doing an awful lot of thinking about “influencers” recently as part of a big project. It’s been more than half a decade since I last looked at the problem in any depth; back then I was fascinated by the Social Network Analysis opportunities: these days, as you’ll see, much less so.

Using Excel to summarise your Twitter Analytics data better.

Twitter Analytics with Excel

This is the first of what I’m planning will be a series of screencasts looking at Social Media data and analytics.

I hope it’s going to be a useful experience for me; but more to the point, useful for you. So I hope you’ll bear with me and give me feedback — either in the comments below, or on Twitter — where I’m @mediaczar.

For this first video, I thought I’d take a look at Twitter’s analytics product. Twitter opened this up to the general public last month — but some of us have had much longer to play around with it and get used to it. I thought it might be good to share some of what I’ve learned.



I’ve decided to share some of the tools I use to do my work. Partly in the hope that someone may find them useful; partly in the hope that having other people use the tools will help improve them. The first one I’ve posted is one of a set of link shortener tools, called bitlyquery […]

The relative sizes of the social media platforms

Social Media Audience

For most of the world (China and Russia excluded), Facebook should be seen as having the same role in our marketing communications planning as Google. Together, Facebook and Google are the twin engines that drive discovery for the average web user. Everything else is fresh and interesting, but sometimes we have to prioritise.

Getting a (temporary) access token to query Facebook’s Page Insights

Enter the query, /me/accounts and click Submit

All the pages for which you have permissions should appear in the results field.

Copy the access_token and id for the page you want to query (the id is the long number)

I’ve been playing around trying to get Page Insights data directly from the Graph API (usually we just export and process the data from the Insights dashboard.) Thanks to an excellent article by Facebook’s Paul Carduner on Authenticating with Facebook on the command line, I’ve found a way to do it; but if you just […]