Testing the “One Image To Rule Them All” Guidelines


James Whatley recently shared a post by Garrett Heath, “One Image to Rule Them All.” The timing was particularly handy, as I’d begun to freak out about image dimensions on Twitter. Twitter helpfully gives us the ideal image aspect ratio for Twitter Cards. Tip: If you want your entire image to be visible in the […]

Why Are Scammers Always From Nigeria?


I am particularly fond of instances of “common knowledge” that turn out to be wrong. I actively enjoy having my remaining beliefs in urban legends burst. It feels like I’m attaining knowledge; or becoming less ignorant at the very least. This is one of my favourite examples: “Why Do Nigerian Scammers Say They Are From […]

Is Facebook Failing Marketers?


Last October, Forrester’s Nate Elliott wrote an inflammatory blog post in the form of an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg. Open letters have been in vogue since Jay-Z released a track of the same name last April but I’m pretty sure (given the timing) that Mr Elliott’s post was more inspired by SinĂ©ad O’Connor’s notorious […]

Why I fear the Fan thing

Full Moon by Anki Lofgren. Fan art is yet another reason I'm somewhat wary of fans.

Someone has just asked whether we have any information on how engaging fans leads to better ROI. Cue the following rant from me. Caveat — all my thinking here centres around FMCG/CPG brands. You may work in another sector, in which case please bear in mind, while it may still apply, nothing I say here […]

What do the changes to Facebook’s Promotions Terms mean for marketers?

Until recently, Facebook’s Terms prevented community managers using Facebook Posts as a simple place to run competition mechanics. Now everything has changed in to what some observers predict will be a glorious free-for-all. But what does these changes really mean for social media marketers?