Filtering signal from the feeds


Recently I decided that I needed to take my feeds a little more seriously. I’ve been trying to upgrade my workflows using a combination of Google Reader (with Reeder on my iOS devices), Instapaper, and Evernote. And I’ve been reorganising my feed collections. How it used to be Previously I’d opted for a kind of […]

If people don’t trust Facebook, why are you building your bank there?

Facebook privacy concern stories in mainstream media, 1H 2012

Early in 2012, DenizBank announced that they would allow Turkey’s ~30m Facebook users to check their credit cards and account information, and transfer money from within a Facebook App. There’s a lovely case study that seems to show a couple of Turkish pirates who are happy to help you with all your banking needs. Six […]

What is a Facebook App? (Probably not what you tell people it is)

facebook apps by type

What is a Facebook App? You’ll get different answers based on who you ask, but surely the most common answer — from most agencies and their clients — will still be something like, “an application that sits inside Facebook.” I’d like to suggest that it’s all about the open web (which these days more or […]

The Death of the Facebook Store Front?

ASOS promo link 19 Feb - Mobile Traffic

Last January, fashion e-tailer Asos announced that they were opening Europe’s first Facebook store or F-Store. F-Stores were a hot pick for everyone’s 2011 trend predictions. It’s a matter of time — within the next five or so years — before more business will be done on Facebook than Amazon(Sumeet Jain, Principal, CMEA Capital) Now […]

The problem with sentiment analysis as a KPI

Negative Sentiment (or "Sentiment Analysis is Sh*te") View more presentations from Mat Morrison Here’s a brief summary: Automated sentiment analysis uses a combination of two approaches to determine sentiment: lexical analysis (which looks for emotionally-weighted words) and machine-learning (which relies on a “training corpus” of manually scored documents to predict the emotional content of new […]