Facebook gets mobile. Advertisers fail to follow

Kia Motors UK seems to have been putting a lot of money behind sponsored posts recently. Unfortunately, they haven’t really been paying attention to what happens to mobile users. It seems that someone forgot to mention that Page apps don’t work on mobile (yes, there are ways around this). This trifling mobile issue would be fine, were it not for the fact that 39% of their traffic is coming from mobile, according to their own stats (see below)

Brands are still far too focussed on building apps inside Facebook, when in reality:

An iOS app can be a Facebook app. A mobile website can be a Facebook app. A console game can be a Facebook app. Your car, your shoes, your credit card or your toothbrush can be Facebook apps.


I’ve droned on about this in the past and several of my conference talks touch on this. Most of my smart colleagues in the industry know about this, Facebook knows, and the various tech vendors know. Our failure to persuade the market to mend their ways continues to irritate me, though.

Please tell me what you think.