Coca Cola and the Breast Cancer Awareness Meme

I’ve collected over 1,100 posts from Coca Cola’s Facebook Page that follow (more or less) this format:

Coca cola, I have a proposal. You have 9million followers if I can get 2million likes, you have to change one of the colors on your cans to pink. And you have to donate 30% of the profits to research for the cure of breast cancer.

So people like it up!!! (source)

Nearly all of them have been posted in the past week. The chart above shows (on a log scale) how many Post Likes each of them has received.

> summary(data$likes)

Min. 1st Qu. Median Mean 3rd Qu. Max.

0 2 10 1655 49 360000

There’s a little bit of evidence (the “9million followers” error — Coca Cola had more than 52m followers when this was posted) that this meme has jumped here from another Page.