Facebook Pages aren’t a community

Facebook Pages aren’t a community as most people would understand a community. They’re more like an email list in many ways (albeit an email list with some pretty compelling social features.)

The thing we see on all the brand Facebook Pages that we’ve analysed so far is how much the conversation is controlled by the Page Admins.


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    Hmph. All this infograph shows me is a validation of Pareto’s 80/20 rule — the majority of the conversation is initiated by a minority of authors. Even in your custom network platform, I am confident that a majority of uses are lurkers who absorb and sometimes comment on content, but the majority of content is generated by the minority of users. That fact isn’t surprising — it is observed in all sorts of communities, virtual and real.

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      No. Power law distributions are a part of it, of course; but I fear that I may not have made my point sufficiently clear.

      It’s not that a minority of users create the content; it’s that the content that is created in the form of comments is overwhelmingly – 94% in this case – as a response to brand posts, and not to peer-initiated conversations.

      This could be (of course) because brand posts are so much more exciting and engaging. But I prefer to note that brand posts receive over 99% of the impressions and reach.


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