Getting a (temporary) access token to query Facebook’s Page Insights

Enter the query, /me/accounts and click Submit

All the pages for which you have permissions should appear in the results field.

Copy the access_token and id for the page you want to query (the id is the long number)

I’ve been playing around trying to get Page Insights data directly from the Graph API (usually we just export and process the data from the Insights dashboard.) Thanks to an excellent article by Facebook’s Paul Carduner on Authenticating with Facebook on the command line, I’ve found a way to do it; but if you just […]

Why I fear the Fan thing

Full Moon by Anki Lofgren. Fan art is yet another reason I'm somewhat wary of fans.

Someone has just asked whether we have any information on how engaging fans leads to better ROI. Cue the following rant from me. Caveat — all my thinking here centres around FMCG/CPG brands. You may work in another sector, in which case please bear in mind, while it may still apply, nothing I say here […]

What do the changes to Facebook’s Promotions Terms mean for marketers?

Until recently, Facebook’s Terms prevented community managers using Facebook Posts as a simple place to run competition mechanics. Now everything has changed in to what some observers predict will be a glorious free-for-all. But what does these changes really mean for social media marketers?

The Underestimated Importance of Social Media Logins

mobile login

A version of this post was first published on Emerging Spaces on 14/08/2013 I’m a huge fan of social logins; and the Social Content team here in London tries to implement these wherever we can. Here’s some background material for you to consider. The mobile thing Facebook has recently shared figures showing 83% of Facebook’s […]

Where does LinkedIn get its money?

Where does LinkedIn get its money?

A version of this post was first published on Emerging Spaces on 02/08/2013 LinkedIn recently published a strong Quarter 3 Earnings Report. Taking these in association with previous financial announcements, we can plot the following chart. It’s notable that over the past three years, they’ve experienced 9x growth in what they call “Talent Solutions” (services […]

The Dangers of AVE in Social Media

Vitrue's ROI Model

A version of this post was first published on Emerging Spaces on 31/07/2013 This is a story about Social Media evaluation, and like most of those stories, it doesn’t have a neat ending. It starts off, though, as a story about Public Relations, but only — I hasten to add — because they’ve been struggling […]

Screw ‘em: why your fan count doesn’t matter

Hacking the Monkey Brain.

Here are the slides and spiel from the presentation I gave today at Digital Shoreditch. You can also download them as a PDF on SlideShare. This is me. Mediaczar. I have more than 5000 followers, so I’m probably quite popular, and you should listen to me. Although I’m not as popular as my evil twin, […]

The Importance of Mobile Screen Shots

PlaceIt by Breezi

Like other agencies, we have a tendency — when preparing screen shots for our presentations — to take them on our static web PCs. Given the explosion in the mobile web, this feels a bit last-decade. Worse, it promotes an inaccurate story about what’s rapidly becoming the most common user experience. This may be particularly […]