Seasonal Chocolate

I’m doing some jiggery-buggery at the moment around the general theme of “Social Listening 2.0″. I think we’re all more or less agreed that the promise of the early Social Listening platforms (“Funded by Homeland Security grants! Now available to marketers!”) hasn’t really been borne out in practice. But there are interesting and exciting things happening in academia and the start-ups and I wanted to get my head around the basics of machine learning so that I can make better decisions about how we approach the problem.

Anyway, I’ve taken as my test project twitter mentions of the word “Orange.” I’ve made a (fairly educated) guess that this will be a good way to explore and illustrate the problems and to investigate the potential range of solutions. Yesterday, there were over 100K tweets that included the word. Some of these used the word as an adjective, others as a noun.


Or even:

terrys orange

I’d forgotten about Terry’s Chocolate Oranges. And a quick glance at Google and Twitter trends suggests I’m not the only one. Never having considered it, I hadn’t realised quite how seasonal interest was when it came to certain chocolate products.

Search Seasonality in Chocolate

Tweets mentioning "Terry's Chocolate Orange"

Wonder which tracks better to sales figures, Twitter or Google? Anyway — season’s greetings to you all, hope you have happy hols, and see you in the new year.

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