Do come along and hear me talk; and if you do — please be sure to come up and say “hello”. I’m always happy to chat; especially if you contact me before the event!

Most of my presentations can be found either as a deck on SlideShare, or as a follow-up post on this blog.

9-10 April BrightonSEO Text Mining of Moria: a brutally short text mining demo.
11-24 May Digital Shoreditch The Most Influential Presentation on Influencer Marketing. Ever.

2014 Highlights

September Measurement.ie Negative Sentiment
September Disruptors The Death of Organic Social
May Digital Shoreditch Screw ’em. Why your fan count doesn’t matter [Video]
April BrightonSEO Data Noodling for Fun & Profit
February Measurement.ie WTF do you want me to measure now?

2013 Highlights

September Social Media Week LDN Paid/Owned/Earned
April Marketing Week Social Media Conference (Athens)

2012 Highlights

September Social Media Marketing What You Forgot About Facebook (and Why It Matters)

2011 Highlights

October Webit Congress The Value of a Fan
May Guardian Changing Media Summit Media Is Broken (panel)