Social media is powered by cat ladies


I’ve been in training with Altimeter Group’s Charlene Li and Ed Terpening for the last couple of days. One of the case studies that came up in passing was the US department store chain Kohl’s Facebook Page (more than 9 million likes at time of writing.) Here’s a quick flow map of the last 2.5k […]

Log Scales


I’m learning at long last how changing scales can expose patterns. Today I’ve been looking at the Facebook Page of Marks & Spencer (a UK retailer.) Using a linear scale on the y-axis, we see how engagement has increased rapidly over recent months. That’s pretty much text book stuff for a well-run Page. But by […]

How should Page Admins deal with Flame Wars?

what happened

The chart above illustrates the emergence and resolution of a flame war[1] on Waitrose’s Facebook Page last November. The horizontal axis represents sequential Posts on Waitrose’s Wall while the vertical axis represents the individual contributors to the "conversation" (really it was more of a barney than a conversation.) Each blue dot plotted on the chart […]

9 days of activity on ASOS’s Facebook Page

9 days of activity on the ASOS Facebook Page

This chart (click for bigger) represents 9 days of activity on ASOS’s Facebook Page. Compare it to the Budweiser flow and you’ll see how focused ASOS is on Customer Service by comparison. And yet their post frequency is high: an average of more than 3 posts per day. They promoted 11 individual links during the […]

The problem with sentiment analysis as a KPI

Negative Sentiment (or "Sentiment Analysis is Sh*te") View more presentations from Mat Morrison Here’s a brief summary: Automated sentiment analysis uses a combination of two approaches to determine sentiment: lexical analysis (which looks for emotionally-weighted words) and machine-learning (which relies on a “training corpus” of manually scored documents to predict the emotional content of new […]

iPhone 5: a vicious feedback loop

Search Interest in iPhone models 2008-2011

Why was everyone expecting the iPhone 5? Was it because journalists and bloggers were picking up on Google search trends and writing the stories that people wanted to hear? Have a glance at this chart showing three years of search traffic (click for a live version)  In previous years, search traffic has more or less […]

(What is) The Value of a Fan?

One of the most worrying questions in Social Media today seems to be, “what’s the value of all these fans? How can I mark them down as an asset, and not a cost?” Recently I was invited to talk about these at Warc’s “Social Media: Beyond the Hype” conference and at Webit Congress 2011 (Webit […]