Log Scales


I’m learning at long last how changing scales can expose patterns. Today I’ve been looking at the Facebook Page of Marks & Spencer (a UK retailer.) Using a linear scale on the y-axis, we see how engagement has increased rapidly over recent months. That’s pretty much text book stuff for a well-run Page. But by […]

If people don’t trust Facebook, why are you building your bank there?

Facebook privacy concern stories in mainstream media, 1H 2012

Early in 2012, DenizBank announced that they would allow Turkey’s ~30m Facebook users to check their credit cards and account information, and transfer money from within a Facebook App. There’s a lovely case study that seems to show a couple of Turkish pirates who are happy to help you with all your banking needs. Six […]

What is a Facebook App? (Probably not what you tell people it is)

facebook apps by type

What is a Facebook App? You’ll get different answers based on who you ask, but surely the most common answer — from most agencies and their clients — will still be something like, “an application that sits inside Facebook.” I’d like to suggest that it’s all about the open web (which these days more or […]

Bookmarklet: Get Facebook Likes, Shares and Comments for any URL

I’ve been trying to tell stories about Facebook’s Graph API, and what it means for advertisers. It’s not immediately easy. To help me, I’ve cobbled together a simple bookmarklet which pulls some very specific (but relevant to me) information from Facebook. I’ve never built a bookmarklet before (frankly, I lack the JavaScript nous.) Feel free […]

The Death of the Facebook Store Front?

ASOS promo link 19 Feb - Mobile Traffic

Last January, fashion e-tailer Asos announced that they were opening Europe’s first Facebook store or F-Store. F-Stores were a hot pick for everyone’s 2011 trend predictions. It’s a matter of time — within the next five or so years — before more business will be done on Facebook than Amazon(Sumeet Jain, Principal, CMEA Capital) Now […]

How should Page Admins deal with Flame Wars?

what happened

The chart above illustrates the emergence and resolution of a flame war[1] on Waitrose’s Facebook Page last November. The horizontal axis represents sequential Posts on Waitrose’s Wall while the vertical axis represents the individual contributors to the "conversation" (really it was more of a barney than a conversation.) Each blue dot plotted on the chart […]

9 days of activity on ASOS’s Facebook Page

9 days of activity on the ASOS Facebook Page

This chart (click for bigger) represents 9 days of activity on ASOS’s Facebook Page. Compare it to the Budweiser flow and you’ll see how focused ASOS is on Customer Service by comparison. And yet their post frequency is high: an average of more than 3 posts per day. They promoted 11 individual links during the […]

(What is) The Value of a Fan?

One of the most worrying questions in Social Media today seems to be, “what’s the value of all these fans? How can I mark them down as an asset, and not a cost?” Recently I was invited to talk about these at Warc’s “Social Media: Beyond the Hype” conference and at Webit Congress 2011 (Webit […]