Screw ’em: why your fan count doesn’t matter

Hacking the Monkey Brain.

Here are the slides and spiel from the presentation I gave today at Digital Shoreditch. You can also download them as a PDF on SlideShare. This is me. Mediaczar. I have more than 5000 followers, so I’m probably quite popular, and you should listen to me. Although I’m not as popular as my evil twin, […]

What might a social media planner want from a media content partnership?

media partnership

Every so often we find ourselves negotiating the digital side of media partnerships and sponsorships as part of a larger deal. What is it that we want out of them? My rough thoughts and notes are below: I’d be grateful if you’d add your own ideas in the comments. Mobile first Requirement: Guaranteed performance on […]

The #interestingOPMLexperiment

A couple of weeks ago, I asked a bunch of people to send me their OPML files (for those of you who aren’t aware, an OPML file is what tells your RSS reader what feeds you’ve subscribed to — it can act as a way of moving your subscriptions between readers.) Some of the more […]