Twitter & TV: a few charts

England vs Argentina (RWC 2011): Twitter mentions of O2

It’s no secret that Twitter and TV are best friends. The company I work for has signed a deal with Bluefin Labs to take advantage of this, and in the UK, my (v. smart) colleague Scott Thompson has begun publishing selected results of our own research. Anyway — thanks to SMG partners like Sysomos, PeopleBrowsr, […]

A perl script to create Twitter friend/follow matrices


Geek alert: if the title of this post isn’t a dead giveaway I should tell you — unless you’re interested in APIs and badly-put-together bits of code — this probably isn’t for you. I’ve recently found myself using a service provided by Damon Clinkscale called DoesFollow. All it does is answer the simple question “does […]

Can we calculate party affiliation using Twitter networks? (US Congress Edition)

Using nothing more than their public twitter relationships, is it possible to predict whether a US Congressperson is a Republican or a Democrat? The answer seems to be a guarded “yes” — our tools predict correctly 40/46 times (or around 87% of the cases.) This post follows on from a post earlier today in which […]

Can we calculate party affiliation using Twitter networks? (Westminster edition)

This is a follow-up post to Why doesn’t the Tory MP have Twitter friends? — a report on some early research into the interrelationships between the few Westminster MPs who are on Twitter. According to Tweetminster, the number of UK MPs on Twitter has doubled since this time last month. Where there were eight Twittering […]

Republicans vs. Democrats: Pareto charts of unduplicated Twitter reach

A couple of days ago I did a little more analysis on Republican and Democratic Congresspeople on Twitter. Towards the end of the post, I realized that the unduplicated reach pareto chart that I’d built would only make sense if the US were a one-party state (or to be fair, if both parties had a […]

Republicans still outperforming Democrats on TweetCongress

Three weeks ago (and at the prompting of my colleague Eddie Garrett who heads up Porter Novelli DC’s digital team) I mapped out the interconnections between US Congress Tweeters. We’d been working on a Twitter crawler and it seemed like a good opportunity to test things out on a new data set. This is a […]

Porter Novelli Twitter folk – the 80/20 rule

Last weekend I posted a chart of Porter Novelli Twitter folk and their followers. If you read it, you’ll recall that I was dissatisfied by what it implied about the collective reach of Porter Novelli twitterers. Well, thanks to a long-ish train journey to Bolton and back, I was able to fudge a little perl […]

Porter Novelli Twitter folk ranked by number of followers

Yesterday I did a little work with the TwitterCounter API. Today I’ve gone a little further and (purely as an experiment) ranked a list of Twitter people in Porter Novelli by the number of their followers. What happens if we chart this? Here’s a kind of Pareto chart showing users ranked in order of followers […]

Map of Porter Novelli Twitter folk on 20th Jan 2008

Three days after my last map, and after lots of internal nudging from our CMO Marian Salzman, her two helpers Tikva Morowati and Zeenat Duberia and local activists like Juriaan Vergouw, Burçu Kaptan, and Umut Ersoy, the map of Porter Novelli people on Twitter looks very different. (You can click on any of the maps […]